What is Community Living?

Villa Carina is something special. It’s unlike anything else in Fremont County, and offers unique benefits and drawbacks. It began as a means to combat the lack of affordable housing in the area, and has been a great success since it’s inception, but what does it take to get in? And what are the rules there? And what is community living anyway?

Whether you’re looking at moving to Villa Carina, or you’re just curious about how it’s run, the first thing you need to know is that we run thorough checks on everyone moving in. Background checks make sure we are keeping our residents safe, and an interview process allows us to filter in people who will succeed at community living and be able to live in harmony with the residents already staying there. All we ask is that residents be capable of maintaining a strict adherence to the rules including a personal code of conduct that allows them to be successful residents.

That code of conduct is the basis of life at Villa Carina. Residents are expected to be respectful, open minded, good communicators, and get their fees in on time. The on site manager has exacting standards of housekeeping, which keeps the home safe and enjoyable for all, but for those who prefer to take a more lackadaisical approach to housekeeping, this might not be a great fit. We also have high standards when it comes to sobriety. This is a sober living home to protect the people and families living here, and promote a lifestyle that allows for comfortably living in close proximity to your neighbors.

So what does living at Villa Carina look like? Many residents prefer to stay in their respective rooms and come out mainly for meals. Others prefer to mingle in common areas and socialize with their neighbors. You can be as introspective or outgoing as you like. We have community activities, including game nights, holiday celebrations and summertime barbecues. Your family and friends are welcome to visit and join in the fun, and the atmosphere is one of self reliance, freedom of choice, and personal accountability. 020


We have a great group of people living at Villa Carina right now, and we are happy to meet you and show you around, even if you’re not interested in the property for yourself. All you have to do is give Fremont Investment Partners a call at (719) 275-3519 or call Nicole Hanson’s cell at (719) 371-1817 to set up an appointment.